The Galleries

Area 1 - The Entrance Experience

The Entrance Experience serves to welcome and log-in visitors while setting the scene of the enormous scale of Kuwait’s oil industry.

Area 2 - Origins of Oil
Oil was formed millions of years ago from tiny life forms when the Middle East was under a tropical sea. This gallery focuses on the formation of Kuwait’s oil deposits.
Area 3 - Discovery

Finding oil is difficult, even when the presence of large oil reserves exists and there is much knowledge of the rock formations below. This section examines the process of searching for oil.

Area 4 - Viewing Gallery
The Viewing Gallery looks out over KOC’s oil installations and celebrates the history of the Company through an exhibition of memorabilia from the different decades.
Area 5 - From Extraction to Refining
From the initial drilling of a well to the eventual refining of crude oil, the whole process is one that is comprised of many separate and important steps. This portion of the exhibition examines all of the aspects related to the journey of oil.
Area 6 - Products
Fuels make our world move. They are used to generate electricity to power our schools, homes, and offices, and are used to make innumerable things that we use every day: from aspirin to trainers, from fertilizers to perfumes, and from car fuel to jet fuel.
Area 7 - Centrum

The KOC Fire Team is one of the best in the world. Years of experience, in addition to fighting the world’s largest oil fire in 1991, have made KOC’s Fire Team able to respond to any fire or accident that may occur.

Area 8 - Fire Heroes
This portion of the exhibition honors the courage and determination of the firefighting teams who tackled the devastating oil well fires set alight during the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait in 1991. The 27 international firefighting teams worked day and night to extinguish the fires. The 1991 fires resulted in one of the world’s worst environmental disasters: 700 oil wells were set alight, 23 million barrels of oil were spilled forming 300 oil lakes, and 5,000 tons of smoke were emitted daily.
Area 9 - Your Future
Kuwait is blessed with large reserves of oil and gas – much of which remains untapped, even today. The plan is to increase production of oil and gas for the benefit of all Kuwaitis. Oil and gas are still finite resources. Saving energy and being sustainable helps to conserve these precious resources for future generations. By doing so, oil and gas will continue to fuel development in Kuwait and bring much to its people. So, what role do you think you might play in Kuwait’s oil industry?